Terms and Conditions
1Meaning of words
Certain words have a specific meaning throughout these conditions. These words and their meaning are listed below.
'Operative' / 'Cleaner' means an employee of AT Cleaning or a third party under a contract for services with AT Cleaning.
'We'/ 'Us'/ 'Our' means AT Cleaning and any employee of AT Cleaning. This does not include any third party operatives, such as cleaners.
'Work' / 'Works' means any cleaning of fixtures and/or clearing of rainwater systems, as agreed upon by you in advance.
2Agreement for services
You agree to pay a sum of money to us in return for work to be carried out as either a onetime service or a recurring service. Any services agreed upon shall be:
2.1Arranged in advance. This includes, but is not restricted to, the price to be charged and any specific requirements you may have. If you fail to make clear any such requirements before commencement of works, the full amount agreed upon will still be payable.
2.2Carried out by an operative of AT Cleaning.
2.3Repeated at intervals no less than that agreed upon in advance, where a regular service is requested.
2.4Paid for in full within 14 days of completion unless an extension is agreed upon by us.
3Access to properties
You grant permission for our operatives to access all areas of your property or properties for the purpose of carrying out any works agreed upon. This permission is ongoing and does not require that you should be in attendance.
This permission is withdrawn only upon the cancellation of services as set out in section 4 of these terms and conditions.
3.1You must ensure all access ways are kept clear and that areas where work is to be carried out are unobstructed.
3.2Our operatives have the right to refuse to carry out any work which is deemed unsafe. An adjustment to the agreed price will be offered under such circumstances. The amount of this adjustment will be decided by the operative.
4Changes to your service
We will provide 14 days notice of any changes we make to your service. This includes, but is not limited to, any changes to pricing. Should you wish to challenge any changes, you must do so within the 14 day period.
4.1You may request changes to your service by contacting us directly. Any changes will be made effective within 7 days. Do not request changes with your cleaner as this can prove unreliable. This applies to, but is not limited to, the following:
4.1.1Requests for additional work to be carried out.
4.1.2Changes to frequencies.
4.1.3Requests for prior notification.
Cancellations must be made directly with us in writing or by telephone. Verbal cancellations made with cleaners are not acceptable. You are liable for payment in respect of all work carried out prior to receiving confirmation from us.
5.1Written cancellations can be made by post or email. Postal cancellations should be sent using recorded delivery. We will respond with confirmation within 48 hours of receipt. If no confirmation is received you should contact us by phone as soon as possible to confirm your cancellation.
5.2Cancellations made by telephone will be confirmed at the time. Cancellations left as voicemail or sent as a text message (SMS) cannot be accepted. If you cannot reach us directly you should request a call back.
6Prior notification facility
We provide notification of work to be carried out as a courtesy only. We retain the right to refuse this facility at any time, without reason. Notification is given for the sole purpose of arranging access for works to be carried out.
We will terminate the use of this facility if it is abused at any time. Abuse of this facility includes, but is not limited to:
6.1Frequently postponing your service when notification has been given.
6.2Repeatedly failing to provide access to an operative after notification is given.
6.3Verbal insult or aggressive behaviour towards any of our operatives.
7Fair work policy and our right to refuse service
We retain the right to refuse service at any time, without reason. Should an operative deem any work to be unfairly priced they may refuse to carry this out or offer a revised price. You may accept the revised price and allow the operative to carry out the work immediately or postpone the work until such time that you are able to consider the revision fully. All revisions to prices are binding, regardless of whether you allow the operative to continue immediately or otherwise.
Complications that may prompt a price revision include, but are not limited to:
7.1Changes to your property made since the original price was given, such as the addition of a conservatory or extension.
7.2Prolonged postponement of a service leading to overly dirty surfaces.
7.3Recent building works on or near the property.
7.4Difficulties created by obstacles or blocked access ways.
8Payments and invoicing
Payments in the form of cash or cheque may be handed to any operative. All cheques should be made payable to AT Cleaning, not to an individual operative. All other forms of payment should be paid to us on behalf of the operative owed.
8.1You must obtain a receipt for any payment handed to an operative. All receipts should be retained for a minimum of 6 months. If you fail to produce a valid receipt upon request we will continue to pursue payment for services rendered.
8.2Invoices are available on request.
Unsatisfactory work will be repeated upon request. This covers all work carried out by our operatives. Refunds and/or payment relief will only be given if we have been given adequate opportunity to rectify any deficiencies.
9.1This guarantee is void if:
9.1.1Work was carried out without our knowledge.
9.1.2We are not informed of any concerns within 48 hours of completion.
9.1.3Any interference is evident in respect of work carried out.
9.1.4The deficiencies are deemed to have appeared after completion.
9.1.5We do not consider it possible to improve upon the work carried out without unreasonable labour or cost.
10 All our operatives are required to carry public liability insurance with a minimum coverage of £1,000,000. You have the right to view an operative's certificate of insurance at any time.
10.1We will notify you as soon as possible of any damage caused by an operative. If you believe damage has been caused and you have not been notified, you should contact us immediately. Claims will not be accepted for any damages where:
10.1.1It is not certain the damage was caused by an operative.
10.1.2It is not possible to ascertain, beyond reasonable doubt, which operative is at fault.
10.1.3There is pre-existing damage, however minor.
10.1.4More than 30 days have lapsed between the time the damage was caused and the claim being made.